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Pampers is an American brand of baby and toddler products marketed by Procter & Gamble.


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Rebecca says

"Lovely design......that is it. We purchased Pampers baby-dry 5+ . Apparently up to 12 hours dry. Nope. Doesn't happen. We wanted to use for the night. She became awake within 7 hours wet sheets. Where as Fred and Flo at least gave us 10 hours solid sleep. She is only 19 months. Will not be spending £9 on 35 nappies ever again. Rip off. Buy Lidl....they are great. Or Tesco Fred and Flo nappie pants. Perfect and far more reasonable in price. Just a brand, doesn't display quality. Shame."

lizzyann says

"My son was born on 14th September 2015 so I have been using this brand of nappies for a few weeks now as he is only a few weeks old. So far I have bad a bit of a bad experience with this brand! The nappies leak and soaks his clothes what's the point in having this brand of nappies if they leak! My friends have also had a bad experience and they have had nappy leaks also from this brand! It makes my sons skin very sore and uncomfortable for him! Not happy. And especially when I buy them in the multipack boxes from Tesco and there not cheap!"

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